Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Can Ride a Bike So Easily...

Today, Shelley and I rented some bikes and rode along the Thames path to Hammersmith. We had a great day, but we were both pretty wary from the outset.

Prior to this, we had ridden bikes together only once, in Amsterdam. As far as maiden voyages go that was like Kate and Leo all over again (except they acted like they loved each other as the ship went down). No, you will not find a story about this saga on the blog, as at the time it was too painful for either of us to write about.

(Shelley's preferred mode of transport in Amsterdam)

In Shelley's defense, I will attest that the bike she rode in Amsterdam was a little too big for her. Still, I was astounded to discover my wife had the bike-riding skills of a 5-year-old. She looked about as much in her element as one of those squirrels riding water-skis in a puff news piece. To compound this, I am not the most gracious and patient teacher you have ever met. In fact, I can be quite mean. Anyway, all of these factors culminated in Shelley (momentarily blessed with super-human strength) picking up her bike and hurling it against a nearby tree, amidst a Hulk-like barrage of verbal abuse. Yes, this behaviour is uncharacteristic of Shelley. Yes, I think my "teaching" style did contribute to the outburst. I do like to teach lessons.

Anyway, today was an absolute pleasure cruise in comparison. We had beautiful weather (easily the best we've had in six months) and Shelley rode with the confidence of a young tyke. Her pedals were like extensions of her legs, her eyes scanned four or five moves ahead in the traffic. Now all she needs to master is the hill start.


Julian said...
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julesandshell said...

Video may not have been in context- although, yes, there is no denying that is me on the bike, and perhaps I was not so smooth.

Oh, and my bike in Amsterdam... a "little too big" was actually that my feet could not sit flat on the peddles when they were at their lowest point. That makes it kinda hard to ride.

Ma said...

Shell, you don't need to defend yourself, Jules' evil laugh says it all.

bitingmidge said...

I have for a long time been contemplating the magical magnetic properties of cycles. and how when Shelley mounts them they seem to gather a propensity for hitting otherwise immovable objects.

Hmmm.. watch this space.

Were you coerced into saying that you were mean Jules?


Helen | Pepperina Press said...

I missed many of Amsterdam's finest sights when I was there. It turns out I was also eight years too early for one of its funniest sights.

Shelley throwing a bike at a tree... priceless.

(Also, what is it about men and their methods of "teaching"?)