Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Backdate of Blogs: Amsterdam

I was trying to find a note pad to write a shopping list when I came across this list. We wrote it at the airport on our way home from Amsterdam to remind us of our trip. Some items provoke happy memories, some not so happy. I'll let you decide for yourself which is which.

* Bike ride

* 4 Euro orange juice

* Red light district

* Van Gogh Museum

* Leidseplein

* Bloemarkt

* Poffertjies and Apple pie

* Club sandwich at Westerstract Cafe

* Anne Frank house

* Haircut

* Peddle boats

* Chips and Mayonnaise

* Chunks of Cheese

* Australian ice cream and choc waffle

* Dutch beer

* Looking for money at airport


gerrod said...

Why hasn't Helen left a comment yet?

Is her internet connection down?

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

I've been busy wrestling a 106-year-old machine (NOT my computer, don't all chime in at once) and a four-month-old child. I fail in my duties, yes.

Now: all my pictures of Amsterdam suck. They are grey and depressing and feature no flowers or cheerily-coloured clogs. I'm jealous.

Did you, in fact, find the red light district anthropologically interesting?