Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rome: Part 1

Rome: an excellent city, made more excellent by the fact that many Italians had left town on holiday, and made less excellent by the fact that it was as hot as the bright side of the moon outside. I mean it was hot. Shelley and I slept in a dorm room (fools!) with no air-conditioning, and eight other heat-generating bodies. Why so stupid?

On the second night I awoke (for the sixth time) to find that I had literally run out of dry places to sleep. I mean it was all wet (yes with sweat), and not in a refreshing way. When I returned to my bed at around 2PM the following day it was still wet. Rome needs to learn how to evaporate, I mean that was just silly.

Still, the insane heat was off-set by excellent gelato, and the refreshingly cold mountain-water fountains dotted around the city. That water was goood. And free. Thank you mountains.

Anyway, on the first day we found our way to the Colosseum, and bought tickets to go inside with a long-winded tour guide. The tickets were a few euros extra, but this way you got to skip the 100 metre line to get in. Crafty.

Soon after entering the Colosseum you come across this:

It was apparently engraved there after the fall of Rome by pimps and/or their prostitutes, to communicate to patrons that this was "where it's at". Sadly, both Gerrod and I missed the whole picture, and (as evidenced by Gerrod's photo) only saw a pair of breasts ... which I thought was quite ambiguous - could have been a 'W' for all we knew.

Anyway, now we know.


Stace said...

Excellent gelato indeed.

I'm well surprised two blokes missed a huge schlong though.

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

You boys would've made the Barbarian pimps beat their heads against a wall: "What do you not understand?? Do we have to draw you a picture??? Oh wait...."