Saturday, June 07, 2008

Twizzler Anyone?

Since starting supply teaching last September, nigh on half of my work has been at Kidbrooke School in Greenwich. Now that was, and still isn't, interesting in itself, except for the fact that Kidbrooke was the test case for Jamie's School Dinners in 2006. Which is interesting. Isn't it?

Now, I've yet to venture into the food hall, so I don't know if the kids are still chowing down on "Turkey Twizzlers" or not. Sadly, I have a feeling they might be, or at least something synonymous with a twizzler.


ab said...

So did Jamie come in, tell them how to make good food and then they went back to what they had before???

ab said...

ps. I saw some of that show - don't eat the food

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

I love this passage from Wiki: "Oliver's unconventional ingredients and meal ideas startled the dinner ladies, increased their workload dramatically, and exceeded the allocated budget".

First of all, the allocated budget was 37p per kid. For real.

Second, it makes the dinner ladies sound rather like skittish horses. Are they? And is famous Nora still there?