Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Best Coffee in London

When Julian and I first arrived in London, we were dismayed by the lack of quality coffee. Either it was too hot (you had to wait 15 mins for it to cool down enough to drink it), too cold, or just downright unpleasant. We tried a variety of places: big chains, little independent coffee houses and market stalls and we just couldn't find anything that rivaled our high Australian standards.
That is, until Gerrod and Kristy came to London.

Every couple of months we have 'sleep over' weekends, where we get to drink as much good coffee as we want (if we are at their place), eat as many pancakes as we want (if we're at our place) and generally find somewhere new to explore around our local area. On previous visits we discovered the industrial wasteland that surrounds the Thames barrier, and were fortunate enough to find some genuine "mock" gothic ruins. We tried out our Frizbee skills during our last weekend. I'm not as good as you might imagine.

Who knows what exciting things are in store for us crazy cats in the future.


bitingmidge said...

Is that what coffee looks like after a frizbee lands in it?


ab said...

If you want a really good cuppa - Invite uncle Ken to visit!!

Aaron Lewis said...

Shelley. I reckon you would be exactly as good as I would expect at frizbee.