Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brain Explosion!

Yesterday at break time this teacher struck up a conversation with me about music. He was learning saxophone and wanted to know more about chords and scales, so we talked about that for a while then moved on to other topics. I learned that he had been a fireman for 15 years, but had to stop because he has a brain tumour. We talked some more and he told me about how he liked to go to lots of gigs and always made a point of talking to the musicians after the show, getting any information he could from them.

"Oh, that's really good," I said. "That's the way you learn the most."

"Yeah, I'm really cheeky like that," he said, "I'll talk to anyone; sometimes I get lessons from them, or they introduce me to other musicians."

"I would really like to be like that", I said, "I just tend to sit back most of the time."

"Oh no, man, you've go to do it. Life's too short for that. I say, what have you got to lose, you know," he said.

"Yeah, it's a bit of a psychological glitch", I said. "Sometimes I think I need a brain transplant!"

Oh. No.

"Funny you should say that," he said.

Yes, it was funny, wasn't it.


Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Every time I think of this, it hurts me.

Every time.

Ow ow ow ow ow.

gerrod said...

A slip of the tongue! It could have happened to anyone...