Sunday, October 07, 2007

Our Place and Duncan

Well we have moved into our new place, and it’s all very delish. It’s even more delish seeing as now we have phone, TV and Internet, all for the low, low price of 27 pounds a month.

Shelley’s Dad has taken a couple of pictures, which really make the place look a lot better than it does in real life; that’s why I’ve posted them. This is what we look out on to at the back. Most days a fox will emerge from the bushes and just sit there staring at our window.

I'll put up some of the inside sometime later.

Last night we went out to South Bank with Peter and Jo (Shelley’s mum and dad) for a walk around. It turned out to be even more eventful than we thought it would be. Just on dark we came across a movie set with cranes, lights and people crowded around, and nowhere to move, so we thought we’d stop. Now, I don’t want to blow my own star-spotting trumpet, but here goes: I saw him first.

I saw a face and thought, ‘Wait a second, don’t I know you from such movies as “Accidental Hero”, “Meet the Fockers”, and some other thing about a cross-dresser? An older lady who wasn’t quite all there stepped up to us and said, “You know who that is, don’t you? That’s a famous movie star, that’s Duncan Hoffman”. Indeed, it was not. I can just imagine her walking away with his autograph, examining it, and then throwing it away in disappointment.

Peter behaved like three paparazzi rolled into one. Click-click here, rapid fire clicks there. He got some good ones.

“Do you know what movie it is they’re shooting?” I asked the lady. “It’s a new one,” she said, “it hasn’t been released yet”. What a scoop! Having failed to glean any useful information, I terminated the exchange.

Emma Thompson was there also, however I missed her. Duncan’s star quality was just too over-bearing.


Kristy said...

Hi Jules! Good work! and pretty cool, in focus pics too. Could it be this, yet to be released film? "Last Chance Harvey"?

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Judging from the photos, Mr Hyndman could sell apartments *and* magazines.

And recalling Shelley's Europe shots, perhaps the paparazzi gene runs in the family...

Congratulations on your new home. Email me the address and phone number ok. And take more pictures.

zoe said...

I am SOOO impressed!!! I'll be telling everyone about your rendezvous with the one and only TOOTSIE!!!!!!!

Aaron Lewis said...

I sat at the table across from Ethan Hawke at a cafe in the Gold Coast and I take very good pictures of buildings.

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

...but did you take a very good picture of Ethan? That's the kicker.

(We know you like big buildings.)

Shelley said...

Would you like me to post you a gold star Az? It will probably arrive in time for your birthday.

bitingmidge said...

Is Duncan Hoffman related to Dustin??

He sure looks REALLY similar. A doppelgänger by any other name would smell as sweet.