Monday, July 09, 2007

Temporary post to keep people happy

This weekend the sun shined... Two straight days, and trying for a third. It is quite a record... it has rained every day for the past 3-4 weeks before this.



M&M Patterson said...

Hi Julian & Shelley,

We have very much enjoyed keeping up to date by reading your blog site. Sorry we have not written before.

Do you have an email address, or is this the best way to contact?

Without the marathon, we have had a challenging start to the year. However, we have enjoyed spending time with Annalise as she continues to grow and change.

We look forward to keeping in touch,
Love, Matthew, Melissa & Annalise Patterson

gerrod said...

w00t, how tops was the sunshine?!

Hope it holds out for our trip to Brighton!

Sue Lewis said...

Ok clearly you guys don't have a 4 minute timer in your shower (even on hair washing days) or are about to drink water with a large shot of effluents. I will hear no complaints about rain! I truly hate the drought & now I'm water envious of you guys too :( But I will agree with the previous comment, I hope the weather clears up for your trip to Brighton!

Shelley said...

I have enjoyed the rain- don't worry, but it has tended to rain on me in a very intentional way- (yes i do sing 'why does it always rain on me')every time I hop off the tube it pours down on me. And for the record, we already drink effluent here...

Also- it did not make 3 days straight... too much to ask for.