Monday, July 23, 2007

School Trip to France

A year 8 school camp is a year 8 school camp, regardless of what country you happen to be in. The kids run around and talk loudly in their dorms until 2am, they throw food and break glasses, they call out across four tables to their friends at dinner time, and they seem to genuinely believe that national parklands will thrive on the empty drink containers that they don't want anymore.

On the other hand- French food and country-side is something that anyone could get used to. The teachers had seperate meals cooked for us, and we ate very well. We were provided with wine, cheese platters, incredible meals and great fruit tarts for desert. One could easily put on weight with this lifestyle.

We were staying in a little village near Dijon, which consisted of aproximately 20 houses, many delapadated, and made primarily of stones. It was a very enchanting little place, and very quiet (no where for the kiddies to dissapear to). The camp was run primarily by the 'activities centre' who took care of everything for us (except for the discipline issues). During the week we went on a four hour hike around a forest area, went kyaking, visited a cave system, went to a chateau, went shopping (I had a group of 8 girls to look after when shopping... neadless to say, we were very late for lunch) and ate at a really nice french restaurant.

The weather was brilliant. It was certainly a nice change from the cold and wet London that I returned to. I enjoyed not having to wear a jumper for a whole week!

Although it was an exhausting week, it was a lot of fun, and a great chance to get to know some of the other teachers at Coopers, not to mention being a great introduction to France. As we are heading to Paris this afternoon, I expect you will hear a new story just as soon as we find a good internet cafe.


Sue Lewis said...

That is definitely not like any year 8 camp I went on! It really looks like a beautiful setting & the food & wine & cheese all sound pretty perfect & when did shopping in France become part of a camp itinerary? Hope you had as fabulous a time as it sounds?

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

I went to Binna Burra in Grade 7 and Camp Warrawee (where are we?) in Grade 12. Both were lame. Your grade 8s are spoiled rotten...