Saturday, July 14, 2007

Off to school camp

Well, I'm just about ready to head off for my First school camp with Coopers- to France. After a 12 hour coach trip (on a double decker bus) I will be heading down to some rural part of France that I can't seem to find on a map, and will hopefully be enjoying temperatures ranging from 26-34 degrees, which will make a nice change from the top of 18-19 degrees that we seem to be stuck with here.
Although the trip is with two year 8 classes, I am assured that there will be very little for me to do but sit around and drink french wine- I somehow don't quite believe that story...

I'll update you all on the real happenings of France 2007 trip when I get back. Have a good week!

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jo hyndman said...

Rural France countryside - watch out for speeding bikes!!